Callahan Schoolhouse

CallahanSchoolhouse_jessicaboyer012916_02Constructed in 1927 by Robert E. Callahan for his Mission Village in Culver City, this building was used as a tourist attraction and movie set. In 1963 the area of the Mission Village was paved to form the Santa Monica Freeway, forcing Mr. Callahan to move the structure to Mint Canyon, where it was converted into a school house to hold desks, a blackboard, and a lectern which came from Vallejo, California, and dating back to 1858.

The Callahan School House was donated to the Santa Clarita Valley Historical Society by Mrs. Marion Callahan (Kitty Kelley) and moved to its present location in April, 1987.

This building is clapboard with an overhanging, triangular-shaped porch. It is represenatative of small schools used in mining camps and frontier settlements during the late 19th Century in the American West, and at the same time, it helps tell the story of American auto tourism in the 1920s and 1930s. Restoration was completed under the direction of Cathe Daley as a Girl Scout project in 1992.

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