2015 William S. Hart Calendar


Friends of Hart Park and Museum

January-December 2015 | 9×11 inches | Multiple historic images each month



ABOUT THE CALENDAR: In celebration of the 150th anniversary of William S. Hart’s birthday, the Friends of Hart Park and Museum have issued this limited-edition calendar for 2015. A visit to Hart Park and Museum provides a chance to learn about the life and legacy of a man who truly loved the West and with his generosity bequeathed his share of it for all to enjoy.

ABOUT THE FRIENDS OF HART PARK: In 1985, a dedicated body of volunteers came together to help support Los Angeles County in maintaining silent movie star William S. Hart’s last wish for his beloved home: that it be “forever used … exclusively as a public park … for the amusement, recreation, health and pleasure” of the county’s inhabitants. The Friends of Hart Park is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that works in partnership with the Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation to keep Bill Hart’s legacy alive.

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